Desiwool is a composite product, stonewool board with gypsum board on one side, provides maximum thermal insulation while providing sound insulation thanks to the stone wool it contains.

Aluminum foil in between stonewool and gypsum board eliminates the risk of condensation and also it does not bring additional weight to the building as it has a light structure.

Thanks to its practical application, it quickly and easily eliminates noise.

Wall surface to be insulated is cleaned and prepared for the application of Desiwool

Boards are cut according to the wall size 

Special gypsum fixing mortar Desifix is put on the stone wool side of the board, so that 3-5 kg (8-9 chunks) per square meter is applied.

Desiwool boards are placed on to the wooden wedges which were put in beforehand.

After the boards are leaned against the wall, level it.

The boards are supported until the adhesive sets.

The joints are filled with a special net and paste and Desiwool plaster applied.

The application is completed with Desigips gypsium plaster