Thermal Insulation Products

It is a cement-based plaster mortar that is modified with chemical additives applied to the interior and exterior facades of the buildings.It is used for Stone Wool, EPS, XPS.

Application Area

It is used in facade coating systems, on finely plastered or properly made rough plastered surfaces.

Application Features

  • Availability time max. 2 hours
  • Working time max. 10-15 minutes
  • Time required to apply plaster on the 
  • Time to pass to apply plaster on the affixed insulating board: 2 days 

Surface Preparation

  • The surfaces must be cleared of dust, dirt, oil, etc. that prevent adherence.It should be free from residues that would prevent adhension.
  • If there are defects on the application surface, they are corrected with repair / repair mortar.
  • The surface should be cured and solid.
  • If the application surfaces are porous, it should be wetted.
  • Care must be taken to ensure that the application surface is in a solid carrier and also in its balance.

Application Conditions

  • Ambient temperature is between +5°C and +35°C,
  • Do not apply on surfaces under direct sun or strong wind or hot surfaces.

Warnings and Suggestions

  • Foreign materials must not be added.
  • All tools used should be washed with water before drying after the application.
  • Not applicable in low-strength areas that are not strong.

Application Tools

Hand mixer, steel trowel, plastic trowel


  • The container in which the mortar is to be prepared must be clean and free of any residual mix.
  • Care should be taken to clean the water and materials used.
  • The mortar should be prepared at the rate of 25 kg MEGATECH AD in 5.5-6 liters of water.
  • First water is poured into the container and then the powder is added slowly. It is mixed until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.
  • In order to make the mixture homogeneous, a low speed mixer should be used.
  • After obtaining a homogeneous mixture, rest for 5-10 minutes for the mortar to mature.
  • It should be mixed again for 1-2 minutes before starting the application.
  • After the mixture becomes homogeneous, no powder, water or any other substance should be added.
  • MEGATECH AD should be applied according to the flatness of the floor to be adhered. If the floor is in a flat structure, it should be carded behind the plate, if the floor is not flat, it should be applied to the back of the plate by mortar clustering method.
  • Whether the boards are at the same level during adhesion should be checked with a gauge or spirit level.
  • The prepared mortar should be consumed within 3 hours.
  • Expired or crusted mortar in the container should be discarded.
  • Hands and application tools should be washed with plenty of water after the application.
  • Depending on the ambient temperature and surface properties, mechanical dowelling should be done at least 24 hours later.


About 3-5 kg/m2

Performance Information

  • Fire Response Class: A1,
  • Thermal Conductivity: Table 2, T1 ≤ 0.48 W /mK (P = 90%), 
  • Dry Bulk Density: 1150 ± 300 Kg/m3, 
  • Compressive Strength: CS IV, 
  • Bond Strength: 0.3 N / mm2 FP:(A), 
  • Capillary Water Absorption: W0, 
  • Water Vapor Permeability Coefficient (µ):≤35, 
  • Mortar Type: The Ratio of Cement Mortars  and Air Lime Mass to Total Binder Mass Air Lime + Cement Mortars It Does Not Exceed
  • Note: Application features have been provided in the laboratory environment (23 ± 2 ° C and 50 ± 5% humidity and no air flow) as a result of the experiments and may vary according to different environmental conditions. Performance informationhas been tested in the environments specified in accordance with the relevant standard of the product, and results may be observed in different environments.

Reference Standards

TS EN 998-1


  • In 25 kg Kraft bag,
  • 64 in pallet, 1600 kg

Physical State

Gray, powder