MegaLento SW

MegaLento SW is a horizontal, complementary building element used to close the openings on the doors and windows of both the interior and exterior walls. It has a composite structure that serves as a load-bearing element, contributing to earthquake safety with its lightweight and ergonomic design. Additionally, it provides thermal, acoustic, and fire insulation properties.

Due to its lightweight and ergonomic structure, MegaLento SW enables easy installation and practical application.

MegaLento SW offers the advantage of time savings. It can be used in harmony with all wall and building elements (MegaBlock, brick, gas concrete, lightweight concrete, etc.). It can be produced in various sizes and thicknesses according to the static calculations and dimensions of the wall elements to be used in your structures.

MegaLento SW, our R&D team's extensive research and development efforts, is created as the most suitable solution for the construction industry's needs in this area. It has the distinction of being the only engineering product in its field.

*It is used for closing the door and window openings on the interior and exterior walls of your buildings.

*It can be used in Fire and Emergency Exit doors.