EPS - Board

Mega Insulation Solutions EPS BOARD is an insulation board that combines superior mechanical properties and insulation. EPS BOARD, which has a channeled surface on one side and patterned channel on four sides and a lamp side on four sides; It can capable of providing high adherence where it is applied with its surface shape and eliminating heat bridges with its edge shape.

Usage Areas

  • External walls.
  • Cold stores.
  • Under plastered insulation in plastered facade systems.(Contact Facade).

Stock and Storage Conditions

  • If possible, the materials should be stacked in a closed environment on low slope, protected from water, on flush wooden blocks. Pallets should not be stacked.
  • If stacked in open environment, nylon or tarpaulin should be covered so as not to interrupt the air flow and create a pool to protect it from water. Sheets should be protected from the sun as well as protected from water.
  • Materials are in packages; a crane should be used if possible at the construction site or on the roof. As the pallet sizes and sizes vary, the appropriate forklift or crane should be selected.
  • If pallets are to be transported by crane, steel or chain ropes should never be used, and flat ropes (nylon, hemp, silk) should be preferred. Wooden wedges should be placed where the ropes come from and their edges should be protected. Wedges should overflow 3.5 cm from the pallets. If a forklift is to be used; If the pallet length is over 6 m, a wide forklift truck should be used.