Exposed Concrate Primer

Application Area

As a primer for cement or gypsum based plaster mortars in indoor and outdoor spaces, horizontal and vertical applications, Exposed concrete surfaces, in the protection of water absorbing surfaces such as gypsumplaster, gypsum plasterboard, aerated concrete, chipboard, ceramic, porcelain before the ceiling plaster, porcelain. It is used as a primer that increases adherence in the adhesion of porcelain, marble and granite.


It is water based, odorless and can be used safely indoors. It provides high adherence. It increases workability. It is applied before cement and gypsum based coatings to be applied on absorbent surfaces and prevents rapid water loss of the mortar. It provides resistance against moisture. It is colorful and provides ease of application. 

Preparation of the surface

The application surface should be cured. The application surface should be cleaned from dust, oil, curing agent, detergent, mold oils and anti-adhesive materials such as silicone.

Application Information

12 kg. Dilute with 4-6 liters of water in the bucket of MEGATECH Exposed Concrete Plaster Primer and mix with a low speed mixer until you get a homogeneous mixture.

Diluted MEGATECH Primer is applied on the surface with a textured roller. 60-120 minutes after application. dries between. Cement or gypsum based plasters can be applied after 24 hours.


It can be stored in 12 kg plastic buckets in its unopened package for 12 months. Stir well before use. Protect against freezing. 100 - 300 gr./m² (Depends on the application surface). 

Health and Safety

As with all chemical products, food products should not be in contactt with the skin, eyes and mouth during use and storage. If accidentally swallowed, consult a doctor. In case of skin contactt, wash with plenty of water. It should be stored out of the reach of children. The results may also differ from the results.


Avoid application at temperatures below + 5°C and above +35°C. Frozen, risk of freezing within 24 hours or direct sun and wind