MegaBlock Acoustic (S.E.S.)

MegaBlock Acoustic solves acoustic insulation problems with minimum thickness and provides superior acoustic insulation. Layer by layer, it combines different material types and minimizes application deficiencies.

For adjacent walls in residences, adjacent kitchens, and bathrooms, neighboring bedrooms, operas, cinema hall walls, hotel rooms, technical rooms, concert halls, wedding hall walls, studio walls, loud shafts, walls in industrial areas, all places where sound is a problem offers the ideal solution. It allows homogeneous wall formation thanks to its cuttability. It also provides A1 class fire insulation. Thanks to its vapor permeability, it ensures a healthy environment inside. Thanks to the Lento corner block and full blocks, it provides speed, efficiency, and homogeneity in an application. With a single product in a single layer, it allows you to plan sound insulation in thinner thicknesses by the regulations and to gain space from an architectural point of view. Stone wool produced for Megablock does not hold water thanks to its hydrophobic structure.

Block Size Stone Wool Size Form Of
95mm Block 40mm Stone Wool -
95mm Block 40mm Stone Wool Full Corner
95mm Block 40mm Stone Wool Half Corner
95mm Block Without Stone Wool Half Corner