EPS - Underfloor Heating Board

Mega Insulation EPS Underfloor Heating Board is a multi-comfort insulation board made of expanded polystyrene foam (EPS), which ensures the fixation of under-screed insulation materials and hot water pipes laid on the floor with a healthy distribution.

Mega Insulation EPS Underfloor Heating Board; by providing convenience in the installation of PEX pipes under the parquet indoors, it also helps in thermal insulation.

General Features

  • It is resistant to environmental conditions and has a long life.
  • It does not absorb water.
  • It has very good shock absorption.
  • It does not produce bacteria.
  • Hot water pipes passing through the channels cannot be dislodged due to the wide ends of the knobs next to them.
  • It is much easier to lay equally spaced hot water pipes thanks to pipe laying channels.
  • It prevents pipes from collecting on one side when screed is applied on underfloor heating.
  • It moves as a whole in the place where it is laid with the tenons on the edges.

Stock and Storage Conditions

  • If possible, the materials should be stacked in a closed environment on low slope, protected from water, on flush wooden blocks. Pallets should not be stacked. 
  • If stacked in open environment, nylon or tarpaulin should be covered so as not to interrupt the air flow and create a pool to protect it from water. Sheets should be protected from the sun as well as protected from water.
  • Materials are in packages; a crane should be used, if possible, at the construction site or on the roof. As the pallet sizes and sizes vary, the appropriate forklift or crane should be selected.
  • If pallets are to be transported by crane, steel or chain ropes should never be used, and flat ropes (nylon, hemp, silk) should be preferred. Wooden wedges should be placed where the ropes come from and their edges should be protected. Wedges should overflow 3.5 cm from the pallets. If a forklift is to be used; If the pallet length is over 6 m, a wide forklift truck should be used.