MegaBlock Thermal

Megablock Thermal is specially designed for thermal insulation. Thanks to its structure that combines thermal insulation and building element, it creates solutions in finer details. It provides wider usage areas to architects and users. Provides speed, efficiency, and savings to contractors. It minimizes the difficulty of sheathing application in so hot and so cold weather by providing insulation at the same time as wall covering.

Megablock Thermal makes the structure stronger against earthquakes as a heat-insulated lightweight building element. Thanks to its easily cuttable structure, it prevents loss and allows the formation of a homogeneous wall. Thanks to its vapor permeability, Megablock Thermal offers to breathe and creates living spaces. It provides fire insulation and thermal insulation in shafts and adjacent walls. Due to the thickness and structure of its layers, it provides easy processing of clean and wastewater installations used in kitchens and bathrooms, while at the same time providing heat and sound insulation. It allows easy mounting of cupboards and built-in products on it. Thanks to the excellent plaster retention, it increases the plaster application speed and minimizes the plaster consumption. Since there is no expansion during production, there is little shrinkage and it does not allow cracks on the surface.

Block Size Stone Wool Size Form Of
95mm Block 40mm Stone Wool -
95mm Block 40mm Stone Wool Full Corner
95mm Block 40mm Stone Wool Half Corner
95mm Block Without Stone Wool Half Corner