EPS - Asmolen Block

Megaboard ASMOLENE is a ceiling and flooring element with high heat and sound insulation made of Polystyrene. Its density varies between 10-30 kg / m3. Its dimensions are produced in 4050x1280x1030 mm dimensions, such as EPS BLOCK, and cut and sold in the thickness desired by the user.

Usage Areas

  • Curtain concrete
  • Cold storage rooms
  • Ceiling, floor applications

Stock and Storage Conditions

  • If possible, the materials should be stacked in a closed environment on low slope, protected from water, on flush wooden blocks. Pallets should not be stacked. 
  • If stacked in open environment, nylon or tarpaulin should be covered so as not to interrupt the air flow and create a pool to protect it from water. Sheets should be protected from the sun as well as protected from water.
  • Materials are in packages; a crane should be used if possible at the construction site or on the roof. As the pallet sizes and sizes vary, the appropriate forklift or crane should be selected.
  • If pallets are to be transported by crane, steel or chain ropes should never be used, and flat ropes (nylon, hemp, silk) should be preferred. Wooden wedges should be placed where the ropes come from and their edges should be protected. Wedges should overflow 3.5 cm from the pallets. If a forklift is to be used; If the pallet length is over 6 m, a wide forklift truck should be used