EPS - White Insulation Boards

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Mega Insulation Solutions  EPS boards are white, closed porous thermal insulation boards. It is kept until it has dimensional stability in closed environment. It has high compressive strength and insulation.

Polystyrene raw material occurs as a result of contact with water vapor, as the pentane gas contained in the raw material granules swells and adheres the granules.

Usage Areas

In the thermal insulation (contact facade) of the outer walls,

Under siding applications,

In the thermal insulation of inclined and terrace roofs and in the terrace gardens of the buildings.

In the thermal insulation of the floors in the buildings

In the thermal insulation of the overhangs in the buildings

In the thermal insulation of the ceilings in the buildings

In the sound insulation of the floating floors in the buildings It is usedin

In the thermal insulation of cold storage tanks

In dilatation joints

In hollow construction

In order to increase ground strength by filling in loose floors

It is used for duct, tank, warehouse insulation and buildings for other porposes.

Stock and Storage Conditions

If possible, the materials should be stacked in a closed environment on low slope, protected from water, on flush wooden blocks. Panel packages should not be stacked. If stacked in open environment, nylon or tarpaulin should be covered so as not to interrupt the air flow and form a pool to protect it from water. Sheets should be protected from the sun as well as protected from water.

Ingredients in packages; a crane should be used if possible at the construction site or on the roof. As the pallet sizes and sizes vary, the appropriate forklift or crane should be selected. If pallets are to be transported by crane, steel or chain ropes should never be used, and flat ropes (nylon, hemp, silk) should be preferred.

Wooden wedges should be placed where the ropes come from and their edges should be protected. Wedges should overflow 3.5 cm from the pallets. If a forklift is to be used; If the pallet length is over 6 m, a wide fork lift truck should be used.